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A California and National Model Middle School to Watch

A California Gold Ribbon School

Good Morning!

True confessions...this a reboot with a few edits.  Every Thanksgiving I start to think about what I am thankful for, and then I pull this out, and then it still fits.  So here are my thoughts on what I am thankful for...

I am thankful for our teachers… they are truly exceptional.  It is easy to take for granted that all teachers work as hard as ours do, and are as dedicated to students as ours are.  All teachers are not committed to kids over their own well-being and time like our teachers are… we are very lucky!  Ask someone who comes from another school...things are different here, in a good way.

I am thankful for Kelly, Natalie, and Shelley in the office for keeping the trains running on time and making sure we have what we need to succeed.

I am thankful for Mitzi Poetzinger, our school psychologist, Deborah Mitchell, our school counselor, and Sarah Dahlen, our District Nurse for all their work in helping to keep our kids healthy and happy.

I am thankful for Mary Zilge, my right and sometimes left hand, who cares as much for the well-being and safety of kids as I do.

I am thankful for all the support staff, including (but not limited to) our instructional aides, our custodians Jeannine and Steven, Ms. Morris our librarian, Paul Owens our super tech guy, all of the maintenance staff, the nutrition staff, and the bus drivers for all their time in supporting our children’s learning and making sure the school is at its best.  Without them, the school couldn’t be what it is...

I am thankful that we have a District Office that supports the learning of the kids, and puts the kids first in making decisions.

I am thankful to our families for allowing us to work and play with your children every day, and for your continual support of this school and all that we do.  I recognize that it is not easy to just trust and have faith that your kids are cared for, and you all do.

I am thankful for the Panther Club and all their efforts to secure funding for all the extra learning our kids have available.  They help us to live our vision of providing more than just the 3 R’s for our students.

I am thankful for my family who love me and support me, even though my job sometimes makes me a really tired and cranky mom, and the laundry often doesn’t get done, and there isn’t food in the refrigerator, and....

I am thankful that we are not torn apart by natural disasters or fires burning down our houses or dealing with war and crime in our front yard on a regular basis… I remind myself of that every time the traffic on Hwy 9 gets irritating or the parking lot is crowded or things don’t go my way.

I am thankful that I get to spend every day with our students. Their curiosity and zest for life is what keeps us all young and makes working at a school the BEST JOB in the whole world.  There is nothing like middle school are amazing.  Keep it up!

And I am thankful to be a part of the SLV community.  I vow to never take for granted all the gifts that we have here in our valley.

I wish you and your family all the best in the next week.  Enjoy each other and be thankful for all that you have.

Enjoy your week!

Dates to remember:

November 20th-26th:  Thanksgiving Break

December 21st:  Minimum Day-- School dismissed at 12:40

December 4th:  Deadline for work to be turned in for Academic Intervention Day

December 7th-17th:  Annie!, 7 PM or 2 PM matinee Sunday, SLVHS PAC

December 8th:  Academic Intervention Day

December 21st:  Winter Carnival and Minimum Day

December 22nd- January 7th:  Winter Break

January 15th:  No School-- MLK Day

January 18th:  Panther Club Meeting

January 25th:  Minimum Day-- End of Quarter 2

January 26th:  No School-- Professional Development Day for Teachers

February 12th:  No School-- President’s Holiday

February 19th:  No School-- President’s Holiday

March 12th:  No School--  Professional Development Day for Teachers

March 16th:  School Dance-- 5-7 PM

March 19th:  8th grade Panoramic Picture

March 30th:  Minimum Day-- End of Quarter 3

April 2nd-6th:  Spring Break!

Schedule for November 27th- December 1st:


Nov 27


Annie! Rehearsals 2:30-5:30


Nov 28


Annie! Rehearsals 2:30-5:30

GIrl’s Soccer @ Shoreline


Nov 29


Annie! Rehearsals 2:30-5:30

Boy’s basketball @ New Brighton


Nov 30


Annie! Rehearsals 2:30-5:30

Girls’ Soccer @ Home


Dec 1


WEB Movie Matinee-- 2:30-5:00-- 6th graders and WEB leaders

Annie! Rehearsals 2:30-5:30

Visit the SLVMS website at

Or the District Facebook Page

Visit the Community Links webpage for information on non-school sponsored activities that may be of interest to your family at

This is a reminder that San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District policy, as set by the Board of Trustees, declares that we are a fragrant-neutral district.  As we begin to have our drama performances and other site-based activities and meetings, please take care to follow the policies below for the sake of the students and members of our community who are highly allergic to fragrances and scents.

The SLVUSD Board of Trustees adopted a California School Board Association policy to make all district classrooms and offices fragrant neutral. SLVHS has parents, students, and community members with respiratory issues who can have negative reactions to fragrances. Please take care to follow the policy while on campus.  

Staff and students shall refrain from bringing furred or feathered animals, stuffed toys that may collect dust mites, scented candles, incense or air fresheners and from using perfume or cologne, scented hair spray, nail polish or nail polish remover that are not fragrance-free in classrooms or other enclosed areas or buildings.

Daily Announcements

You can read the daily announcements that are read and emailed to the kids at this link if you are interested:

Daily Checklist

Before you walk out the door to go to school, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I eat breakfast?

  • Did I bathe, brush my teeth, and put on deodorant?

  • Do I have my backpack?

  • Do I have my homework in my backpack?

  • Do I have my charged chromebook/device in my backpack (you need it everyday!)

  • Do I have my lunch or money to buy lunch?

  • Do I have my PE clothes?

  • Do I have what I need for after school activities?

  • Did I give my grown up a hug and say thanks for taking care of me?

If you answer yes to everything, then you are ready for school.  If not, take care of it quickly!  You don’t want to be late!  Have a great day!

Academic Intervention Day is coming soon!

Our next Academic Intervention Day is December 8th.  Students with C’s or above for Quarter 2 will be dismissed from class for extra free time.  Students who haven’t met that mark will get extra time to do work on missing assignments.  

Deadline for turning in work will be December make sure you are getting your current work done, and take some time to complete any missing work you may have over Thanksgiving Break.

6th Grade WEB activity coming up!





WHEN: FRIDAY, DEC. 1 FROM 2:30 – 5:00








Substance Abuse: A Conversation with Educators and Experts - Nov. 30 SLV High School

We welcome parents from all SLV schools to join us Thursday, November 30 at 6:00 pm in the SLV High School Multi-Purpose Room for a discussion about substance abuse among teens. Sergeant Nicholas Baldridge from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department will be presenting on current drug trends in our youth population and within Santa Cruz County. Mary Clark, Adolescent Admission Counselor from the CAMP Recovery Center, will follow with a presentation on drug treatment options and resources for adolescents in our area. She will be available to field questions and provide follow up for any families that have concerns and possible immediate needs. We will close with Dr. Amy Solomon, Board Certified Addiction Specialist and Family Doctor serving the San Lorenzo Valley since 1996, to discuss the risk factors leading to substance abuse and handouts to help you start collecting your own thoughts on the subject.  Whether you are working through these types of issues with a teen or just want to be more informed, please come and get some useful information.

Come see ANNIE!   December 7-17th

The classic musical Annie!, put on by the SLVMS Drama Program, runs from December 7-17th.  This is a great family activity.  If you have never seen an SLVMS, you should mark your calendars because you will be impressed.

Show runs December 7-17th...Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights at 7 PM, and Sunday Matinees at 2 PM.  Don’t miss this chance to enjoy a great show!

No wheels on campus!

Hey should not be riding any wheels on campus before, during or after school...skateboards, scooters, bikes, roller skates, whatever.  If you are seen, your wheels will be confiscated and you will get a campus beautification.  Thanks for being safe at school.  


Information from the Panther Club

The next Panther Club meeting is on November 16th at 6:30 PM.  Come join us!


Follow the Panther Club’s Facebook page to stay up to date on all things SLVMS!


MASH Schedule

If your child is having a hard time, consider sending to MASH for extra help.  You can find the teachers and subjects that are available by clicking here.  Students are welcome to drop in, or we are happy to assign them to come after school if they need that extra motivation.  Contact Mary or Shannon for more information.

Be sure to bring a device to school every day!

Please remember that students need to have a chromebook or other laptop device every day.  If you cannot buy one, students can go the library and check one out on a daily basis, or for the school year.   Students who do not have a device when it is needed in class will get a consequence for not having their school supplies.  Please help them to remember to put it in their backpack in the morning.


When kids don’t come to school, they miss instruction, they get behind, and their grades drop.  Please make sure your students in school, on time everyday.  That vacation to Disneyland can wait until one of our many breaks.  Thanks for your support.